WTA Officers

Roger Annable, President

Roger has served WTA since its early days in the 1980s, almost entirely as Chairman. A retired Whitstable teacher, he specialised in sport and was a qualified coach in football, cricket and athletics. He and his wife, Linda, came to Kent after working as teachers in the Bahamas. He ran Whitstable Castle, leading to its restoration, and chairs Whitstable Giants’ Association.

Graham Nicholson, Chairman

Graham recently retired from his teaching position at the Community College Whitstable where he was the inspiration and organiser of a huge number of students’ visits to and from Whitstable and the partner towns. This was part of his commitment to the position with WTA as Youth Co-ordinator. He takes over as Chairman from Roger Annable, not an easy task. Jokingly, he says that all he can promise is that the speeches will be shorter.

Gillian Michael, Secretary and Co-ordinator for Říčany

Began assisting WTA as Minutes Secretary. Gillian is more than just secretary, having many other duties. A trained caterer but now working in Education Finance, she is also a school governor.

Carol Tadman, Treasurer

Appropriately, her first job was with the Bank of England. Carol and husband Alan used to own Copperfields, the household goods shop in Whitstable High Street. Brought up in Dulwich, she spent school holidays in Whitstable.

David Carter, Co-ordinator for Albertslund

Originally joined WTA committee as Group Leader of 1st Whitstable Scouts to represent youth. Developed scout camps with partner towns. Instrumental in founding the partnership with Albertslund. With his wife Sylvia, he runs a Whitstable nursery business that has been in the Carter family for four generations

Sylvia Carter, Co-ordinator Grabow

German speaker and one of the association’s longest serving and most hard working members. Sylvia also has a long association with the scouting movement and leads a local Beaver group.

David Rosendale. Co-ordinator for Dainville

David is looking forward to building on the excellent work already established by the Dainville group

John Horstkamp, Borken Membership Secretary

Lived in England from 1977 until 2010, working for a global chemical company but frequently returned to Borken. As a result he became one of the founders of the Whitstable-Borken link which celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary in 2012. Has returned to live in Borken.

Janet and Stephen Lloyd, Co-ordinators for Borken

Both come from east Kent. Janet works in the NHS and Stephen is a self employed bricklayer. Both love travelling in Europe and have become regular visitors to Borken.

Charlotte Howell, Youth development

Recently co-opted on to the committee in the hope of attracting more young people to the association, Experienced member of the Guide movement.

Judy Sutton, Membership Secretary

Patrick Casey, Social Secretary

Roger Dengate.


WTA Honorary Life Members

Roger Annable

Linda Annable

Rainer Beutel

Poppy Beerling

Don Beerling (dec)

Dickie Bird   (dec)

Dana Carlsson (dec)

Sylvia Carter

Helen Clough

Ken Davies

Willi Deckers

Brigitte Dörfler

Josef Ehling (dec)

Gillian Fox

Norman Fox


Siegbert Hohaus

Ray Holmes (dec)

John Horstkamp

Frank Horwell (dec)

Lizzie Hubbard

Richard Hubbard

Bernd Kemper

Rainer Könen

Sally Lake

Rolf Lȕhrmann

Rene Nielsen

Anne Nienhaus

Eddie Oldfield

Dave Parris

Arthur Pearce (dec)


Bernard Quandalle

Audrey Randall (dec)

Françoise Rossignol

Ulrich Schult

George Sankey (dec)

Terri Sankey (dec)

Tom Sutton

Alan Tadman

Friedhelm Triphaus

Cyril Windsor (dec)

Leslie Windsor

Rev John Wood

Sally Wood (dec)

Janet Young

Peter Young (dec)