L’Viv, Ukraine

L’Viv is the administrative centre of the L’Viv region which is situated in the most western part of Ukraine. The population of the whole area is 2.75 million, with 800,000 living in the city itself.

The city is one of the oldest and most attractive in Ukraine and is the economic, political, social and transportation centre of the region. It was founded in 1256 by Prince Danylo Halyts’kyl and named after his son.

Being at the crossroads of various trade routes, it developed rapidly. At various times it was under foreign rule, meaning that the architectural sights and different cultures are now a mix of Jewish, Polish, German and Armenian (amongst others).

The Ivan Franko National University is the oldest in Ukraine and there are several other universities in the city, which has been acknowledged by UNESCO as the “Pearl of Europe”. There are several parks.

In June 2001, L’Viv was visited by Pope John Paul II.

The city has a main highway to Warsaw.

L’Viv hosted three matches in the Euro 2012 football championship.