Frequently Asked Questions

What does Whitstable Twinning Association do?

It helps local people, families, schools and local groups make international friendships and organises regular visits to and from Whitstable.

Why are there so many links. Wouldn’t one be best?

It would be unusual for anyone to have just one friend. You see some friends often and others not so often. Whitstable is part of a network of ten linked towns in Europe which enjoy meeting and doing things together.

Are the Twin Towns just like Whitstable?

Definitely not. They are mostly completely the opposite. It’s more interesting when the towns are different because people are so alike.

We don’t speak languages very well…isn’t this a problem?

Not at all. People get on well together and have many things in common. Sometimes sport or music or art is a language in itself. Almost everyone you meet speaks some English but it’s fun to ‘get by’ with a few words and using hands to describe what you want to say.

How many people actually get involved in visits each year?

Usually about 1000 people go backwards and forwards between Whitstable and Partnertowns.

Yes, but isn’t it all organised by the Council who pay for everything?

Certainly not! Whitstable Twinning Association is completely independent and raises all its own money and everyone pays for themselves!

Do young people get involved or is it just for older people?

Lots of students from many Whitstable schools visit our twin-towns every year. More than 200 primary school pupils are going to and fro, mainly France, whilst hundreds of secondary students go mainly to and from Germany, Denmark and Sweden ….as well as Scouts, young sportspeople and musicians.

Why should I get involved?

Well, there’s a big wide world outside Whitstable. International Friendship adds an extra dimension to people’s lives and you might just learn something! It’s also great for clubs, groups, associations and City Councils to work with similar groups abroad.

What if I cannot afford to pay for expensive visits abroad?

That’s fine! We encourage and can arrange for people to stay in homes rather than hotels (that way you get a real feel for how other people live), share travel costs and, where we can, make use of cheap flights. Some people have been to Denmark and Sweden for just £5!

When and Why did Twinning start?

It really began in 1946 to promote ‘Peace’ links between countries (and towns) after the war. Whitstable thinks Twinning is an outdated word. It concentrates on ‘People in Partnership’

How well does Whitstable do in ‘Twinning?’

Very well indeed. WTA is one of the best in the UK and Europe. Its Anglo/German Link is the most successful in the country Most towns and cities have links (Coventry has twenty six).

How do I join?

Click on Membership.