Situated fifteen kilometres west of Copenhagen, Albertslund is a modern community that was founded as recently as 1964. Before that there were only small villages and agricultural land. But from a scattered community of some 3,000 people grew the ‘new’ town that has a population of about 30,000.

The name of Albertslund came from a French nobleman who in about 1800 came from Denmark. He had lost his entire family in the French Revolution. His name was Albert de Rault de Ramsault de Tortonval. At the age of twenty five he worked as a dentist in Copenhagen, even treating members of the royal court. In 1817 he was able to buy a farm in the village of Vridsløselille, one of the four upon which Albertslund is based. Albert never lived on the farm but his son did and he planted a small grove (in Danish the word is lund) which was named after his father – hence Albertslund.

The town’s coat of arms, featuring a cock, was created by Gunnar Westman in 1971. The two letters V and Ø represent the small villages of Herstedvester and Herstedøster and the cock indicates agriculture.

Albertslund Twinning Association (Albertslund Venskabsby Forening) was founded in 2006